Tuesday, January 3, 2012


* Doug Ingle – vocals, keyboards
* Danny Weiss – guitar
* Jerry Penrod – bass, backing vocals
* Darryl DeLoach – vocals, percussion
* Ron Bushy – drums, percussion, backing vocals

1. Real Fright
2. Possession
3. Filled With Fear
4. Fields Of Sun
5. It's Up To You
6. Gloomy Day To Remember
7. Time To Ignore Evil Temptation
8. Have You Heard?
9. General As It May Seem
10. Lonely Boy
11. Iron Butterfly Theme
12. You Can't Win


Anonymous said...

Funny you would re-post this now. I just read this today:

Iron Butterfly guitarist Larry Reinhardt has died at the age of 63. The rocker was admitted to hospital with an infection and other illnesses in his native Florida last week. He was moved into intensive care on Jan. 1 and died on Monday. Reinhardt, who was fondly nicknamed El Rhino and Ryno, began his career as a member of The Second Coming with Dickey Betts and Berry Oakley before his bandmates went on to the join The Allman Brothers Band. He replaced Erik Brann in Iron Butterfly in the 1970s and when the group split, he formed Captain Beyond with bandmate Lee Dorman and Deep Purple's Rod Evans.


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