Friday, January 6, 2012


Metamorphosis Tour 1970
Los Angeles Forum

Doug Ingle - Organ, Vocals
Lee Dorman - Bass
Ron Bushy - Drums
Mike Pinera - Guitar, Vocals
Larry(Rhino)Reinhardt - Guitar

1. Easy Rider
2. Best Years Of Our Life
3. Shady Lady
4. New Day
5. Soldier In Our Town
6. Stone Believer
7. Butterfly Bleu


Anonymous said...

The sound is pretty good on this one. I didn't have it. I always enjoyed the guitar interplay of Rhino & Pinera. I know the Metamorphosis album was a change from the classic Butterfly sound but I always thought if they had followed this album with another one like it they could have made the transition into the Seventies.

24HRDEJAVU said...

I myself like the Meta - Butterfly the most Taking nothing away from the Braunn band I just think musically they progressed with that last LP and yes I do believe had they made another LP after that one they would have been successful

Anonymous said...

Great boot!
Thank you very much!

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