Friday, January 6, 2012


Erik Brann( Braunn)
August 11, 1950 - July 25, 2003
A self-made compilation of studio works by the most noted lead guitarist of the Butterfly

Erik Braunn 1973 Demos for MCA with guys from Little Feat

1. Scorching Beauty
2. Love Is On Your Mind
3. Back Home
4. Don't Give It Up
5. My My My
6. Laughing Sun
7. Sing, Boy, Sing
8. Crazy Baby
9. One Nights Love Affair
10. Hard Miseree
11. What Words Can I Say
12. Am I Down
13. Good Things Can Happen To You
14. Evereeday
15. That Will Never Do

Erik Braunn 1988 Demos

16. Fight For Your Life
17. Mystery Unknown
18. Where Vultures Fly
19. Breed Apart
20. Whenever You Call Her Name

21. Stiletto ( A Night In Morocco) Bonus but Incomplete


Anonymous said...

Where i can find this album?

24HOURDEJAVU said...

You cannot find this on an LP or Cd It was self -created by myself to focus on Erik Braun

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