Thursday, January 19, 2012


Moby Grape
The Orphanage, San Francisco

Set 01
01 Come On Woman
02 World Upside Down
03 I Feel A Change Coming On > Fall On You
04 Trucking Man
05 How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live
06 Sitting By The Window
07 Ready Willing And Able
08 Silver Wings
09 Hey Grandma
10 Murder In My Heart For The Judge
11 unknown title
12 Can't Be So Bad
13 set break song

Set 02
01 Gone Dead Train
02 Get On Up
03 I Could Love You Forever
04 unknown title
05 Eyes Wide Open
06 Gypsy Wedding
07 unknown title
08 8:05
09 Miller's Blues
10 Omaha
11 Goin' Down

Thanks to T Shyman for this one and to Steve Sorin for his original recordings!


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Have this already, I believe this is the most recent MG show to surface. Sound is quite good and definitely worth the DL! Hope some more new shows turn up. Anyone know the titles of the "unknown" songs?

indiffer said...

We have both Tom and Steve to thank for uncovering these classic Grape archives. Have this show with tracks:

207 Nobody's Love
209 It's All Up to You

but not sure if this is accurate.

Nice post

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming up with some titles so quickly! These will do even if they're not 100% accurate. Wonder if they were ever played again!? Also, does anyone have an update on the album that Moby Grape were recording recently w/Omar Spence and the other original members.

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