Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Marty Balin.....original founder of The Jefferson Airplane. His background was in folk having done a stint with The Town Criers. His Intent with the Airplane was to build a band as a crossover between the folk music and the upcoming electrified rock. Marty's songwriting has always had a more romanticist approach, leaving the harder rock songs to the other band members.

Paul Kantner..... He and Marty met at a club on the folk scene and Marty successfully got his participation in the newly forming Airplane. Paul had a folk background but more attune to adapting to the direction the band would take. He would soon become the front man in the band's future. Paul is the only member of the band who has appeared on every LP/CD with the "Jefferson" moniker in the name. Kantner's songwriting often featured whimsical or political lyrics with a science-fiction or fantasy theme, usually set to music that had a hard rock, almost martial sound.
Jorma Kaukonen.... Lead guitarist recommended to Marty by Paul. Paul had known Jorma from his college day at San Jose. Jorma to this is one of music's most respected guitar players. His work onstage with Jack Casady on bass were unmatched and their partnership continues today
Kaukonen never had any ambition to play in a rock band. He played as a solo act in coffee houses and can be heard accompanying a young Janis Joplin on acoustic guitar on an historic 1964 recording (known as "The Typewriter Tapes" because of the obtrusive sound of Kaukonen's first wife Margareta typing in the background). Invited to attend a Jefferson Airplane rehearsal by founding member Paul Kantner, Kaukonen found his imagination excited by the arsenal of effects available to electric guitar and later said, "I was sucked in by technology."


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This should be titled "Four To Start" because Signe Toly was the star attraction of the original band.

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