Saturday, April 21, 2012


On the night of September 22-1972 the Jefferson Airplane took the stage at the Winterland auditorium in San Francisco. This show was to represent the most recent LP release by the band (Long John Silver) Band Members were as follows: Johnny Barbata on drums, Papa John Creach on violin and vocals, David Freiberg on vocals, Jack Casady on bass, Jorma Kaukonen on lead guitar and vocals, Grace Slick on vocals, and Paul Kantner on rhythm guitar and vocals. Emerging
from the past would be an appearance by Marty Balin vocals on the closing "Volunteers" and the encore "Dress Rap". Marty's appearance is both ironic and iconic in that this would be the last concert played by the Airplane until the 89 reunion effort. This was not a planned final show but with the great changes in their flight plans it would be their last. Marty would be present for the final show with the band that he had created back in 66 and would eventually become so huge it pushed him out the door in it's expansion. The Airplane was done! With their end they would evolve even bigger . The dream that was Balin's was gone but the birth of Kantner's Jefferson Starship became reality.


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