Sunday, April 1, 2012


It I were to put the Airplane's career on various altitude levels I would say that the year 1969 would be when they reached their peak. They would at their zenith with the recording of "Volunteers". The album would be the first LP that they would record in San Francisco instead of other cities as New York or LA. They recorded the LP at the new Wally Heider's facility from January to August. The LP reflects the San Francisco family musicians with appearances by Jerry Garcia, The Ace Of Cups, Crosby and Stills, and most notably Nicky Hopkins (the residing in SF) They would make an appearance at Woodstock( Hopkins in tow)and all seemed well. This would be the final LP by the original group who had made SF history with "Surrealistic Pillow" Every song is excellent, some a bit quirky but hey that was the Airplane at their best. Not many would know that "Meadowlands" was the Red Army's signature theme and how fitting was it to lead into the classic "Volunteers" The LP is loaded with political, anti-war, and ecological messages. A left wingers dream. Soon after this release and the Woodstock gig the Airplane would begin hitting turbulence.


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