Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Turn My Life Down

When I see you next time round in sorrow
Will you know what I been going through
My yesterdays have melted with my tomorrow
And the present leaves me with no point of view
When I see you next time round look into my eyes
Where we'd be never could decide
Borrowed moments they cannot fill the moments of our lives
And wishful thinking leaves me no place to hide
No place to hide
No place to hide
I see the shadows softly coming
Taking me into a place
Where they turn my life down
Leaving mourning with myself
And nothing to say

Words and Music by Jorma Kaukonen


Anonymous said...

This is a really nice song with the "Ace Of Cups" sweetly singing the background vocals. :-)

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Although I have never heard it myself... They say that the original "quad" recording of this LP is quite a treat " The Ace Of Cups vocals supposedly were more prevalent and probably were really a nice thing to hear.

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