Sunday, May 27, 2012


This San Francisco band was formed when former harpoon sharpener and garbage collector at the University of Washington Seattle, Al Linde, met Joe Tate, a cesspool driver and former student at the School of Mining and Minerology. Joe later met the group's drummer, Teddy Stewart, outside a bar in Sausalito. The other two members joined later. The band were featured in a series of three concerts in Golden Gate Park and eventually ABC offered them a recording contract. The band started out as The New Salvation Army Banned and the name change was made because the record company was afraid of being sued by Col Hartog of the Salvation Army, SF chapter. It was changed when we signed our contract (which ABC later broke, although they did have good reason). Info from Acid ,Fuzz, and Flowers


Anonymous said...

You're Back!!!!!!
You're Back!!!!!!
So glad to see you here again.
You have been missed.


24HOURDEJAVU said...

This song sample was taken from the First Salvation LP The Bethlehem Exit is a file from the only 45rpm they released I do not believe these tracks are available on CD

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