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Formed in 1965, this seminal San Francisco "avant-garde" band never released any records although all its members, went on to play with other groups or found fame for various reasons. When they disbanded in 1967, Terry Wilson joined The Charlatans and David LaFlamme founded It's A Beautiful Day (after a brief stint with the first line-up of Dan Hicks and The Hot Licks). Jaime Leopold too joined Dan Hicks and The Hot Licks in 1968, whilst Jesse Barish, who was friends with Marty Balin became a song writer and went on to form Jesse, Wolff and Whings in 1971. Bobby Beausoleil also joined several local groups (including The Powerhouse Of Oz who performed for film-maker Kenneth Anger) before teaming up with Charles Manson and being associated with his murders.

BOBBY BEAUSOLEIL gtr, bouzouki
DAVID LAFLAMME violin, vcls
JESSE BARISH gtr, vcls, piano


. said...

The recent issue of their material (title waaaay too long to remember!) is a must-have, and more comprehensive than the last (bootleg) attempt.

Worth pointing out that Emmet Grogan wrote one of the very best books about those times - his autobiography "Ringolevio", which is an essential read.

(Great streetcar image you use here!)

Anonymous said...

Information is only partially correct. The group began forming in 1966. After winnowing down the number of members and making a change or two, we wound up with five musicians--David, Bobby, Jaime, Terry, and Henry (me). We didn't have singers, and Jesse Barish and Emmet Grogan were never in the group. We did rehearse for a while in the Diggers space in H-A. A vinyl recording of songs was released in the new century, I believe. Probably the cuts were taken from old taped recordings made at one or more concerts. The last I heard, Bobby was still in prison for a murder he was convicted of about 1971.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Thanks Henry for the correction on this post. It is always nice to hear from someone who was part of the moment.

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