Friday, May 18, 2012


One last post for IABD and it will be time to move on to another band of musicians, In retrospect I cannot help to think what might have been had the band not been tied up under Katz. They were playing for a couple of years in Seattle before coming down to SF. They were an original first wave SF music scene band and because of the inappropriate management by Katz they never got off the ground per say. I have put up a few images (created and borrowed) for you to view
Who's the fairest of them all? This one would make a great compilation cover.
A sleeve for today's eyes

A couple of borrowed images from off the net


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's sad they got stuck w/ the evil Mr. Katz, just like Moby Grape another "coulda-been-a-contender" band he helped ruin. Somehow Jeff Airplane managed to escape his touch. What was his "problem" anyway, and more important is he hoarding any tapes by these bands?
i guess we may never know. I'm hoping that there are Grape and IABD tapes in the new series of Owsley tapes that just started w/Big Brother @ the Carousel release. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Please provide any live and /or rare studio recordings of the San Francisco Charlatans with Dan Hicks and after he left the band. They are the foundational band with The Dead, Airplane, Quicksilver, Big brother, also Sons of Champlin (Marin, Ca.)deserve the spotlight as well..Thanks !

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