Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Here is an alternative cover for the IABD\David LaFlamme Bands 2003 LP Beyond Dreams This image was provided to the blog by Tim E. This is his creation and shares a great love for IABD as I. Terrific cover. I understand that that LP was indeed supposed to be released under the IABD banner however our not so favorite "manager" stopped the release and the credit goes to the David LaFlamme Band (who we all know is IABD) Pretty good LP overall (OMO)


. said...

Thanks for the credit, but it should all go to Maxfield Parrish, who painted the picture! It may have been an inspiration for George Hunter's beautiful work for the first album.

I wondered if the B & D in Beyond Dreams was a link to (IA)BD? Whatever, it's a gorgeous album that desreved a better cover, and deserved to go out under the IABD name, too.

jim said...

Thanks, for all your hard work. jimg

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