Tuesday, May 15, 2012


IABD returns the favor and helps Bill close the Fillmore after they had made so many appearances at the venue in the previous years. And just a note U.S. postage was 8 cents in July 71.

Closing The Fillmore July 1 -1971

Disc 1

1. Bill Graham intro> Creed of Love
2. Hot Summer Day
3. Baby Bye Bye
4. Bitter Wine
5. White Bird
6. Hoedown
7. 20/20 Vision
8. Good Lovin'
9. Let A Woman Flow
10. Don And Dewey Pt 1
11. Don And Dewey Pt 2

Disc 2

1. Intro
2. AnyTime
3. Place Of Dreams
4. Bombay Calling
5. Wasted Union Blues
6. Time Is> KSAN Outro


Anonymous said...

What a nice surprise. I bought the official Fillmore: The Last Days cd years ago. And now with access to boots on the interweb I have slowly collected the Quicksilver, Dead & Creedence sets from the final days. And thanks to you I am now having A Beautiful Day.


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