Thursday, May 3, 2012


It is said that 17 year old Patti Santos was probably the original member of IABD. Discovered by Matthew Katz . She was working in a grocery store as a cashier and supposedly was tapped by Katz for one of his upcoming musical ventures before IABD was even in existence. She was to be the focal point of the band. It is common knowledge that David LaFlamme would eventually become known for the creativeness of the band but Patti would be his equal in stage presence. In some circles of thought Patti is believed to be as good a vocalist, if not better, than Grace and Janis. Patti would stay with the band in it's full life cycle( with drummer Val Fuentes)


viracocha1600 said...

Recordando Patricia Santos con mucho carino y adoracion, siempre bella, siempre con una voz carinosa, siempre extranado. Descanse en paz hermanita quierida. Pero claro, siempre "es un dia hermoso" escuchando tu voz.

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