Tuesday, May 1, 2012


1969 saw the release of the first IABD record. It would eventually go gold reaching the top 50 on the record charts. Mind you this was without a hit single. The "White Bird" song from that LP would become the signature song for the band. Written by David and Linda LaFlamme while in Seattle in the early days of the band. After this release the band would begin some personnel changes with the LaFlamme's separating and Linda leaving the band. She would be replaced by Fred Webb who would strengthen the sound of the band. Patti Santos and David LaFlamme would provide the mesmerizing vocals for the band. Patti was voted to be the best female vocalist of 1968 in some music polls. The band would follow with the second LP "Marrying Maiden". In OMO I believe this one is an absolute masterpiece. Jerry Garcia guested on pedal steel for the session.This record would reach #28 on the US record charts. Above image by Trevor Millen.


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