Friday, July 6, 2012


Stoneground was formed 1970 in San Francisco. What originally started as a trio soon expanded to a 10 piece band. Stoneground were know for their outstanding live performances and they toured America and Europe as part of Warner Brothers' Medicine Ball Caravan. In Europe they developed cult status through this. Nevertheless 1973 marked a big break in the band's history as differences in opinion within the band caused them to split.

1971-03 San Francisco, California KSAN-FM Studios
Haight Ashbury "Hashbury" Free Clinic Call-In Benefit
Live in studio performance
Top of the Argonaut Building, 211 Sutter Street


Norm said...

I found 11 Piece Ensemble on Guitars101 and Wolfgang but am still missing this one. Is a link possible.? Signed: Major Stoneground fan, not sure how I missed this!! Norm THANKS

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