Saturday, July 7, 2012


As was mentioned on an earlier post Stoneground started out as a trio but soon expanded into a 10-11 piece combo. In this expansion the key player was Sal Valentino of the Beau Brummels. Sal did not come into the fold alone however. He brought with him not "one" but "four" tremedous female vocalists. Each of theses ladies had the talent to be a lead vocalist for any musical outfit.
Listen to some individual selections from each of the ladies

Feel So Bad...... Annie Sampson
Bad News.........Lydia Moreno( Phillips)
Passion Flower..Lynne Hughes *
Ajax................ Deirdre La Porte*

*Sadly have passed away


Mystere2 said...

What a collection of voices! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Lynn Hughes used to sing with The Charlatans at the Red Dog Saloon. She was Later a part of Tongue And Groove with ex-Charlatan Michael Ferguson. Well worth finding the Tongue & Groove albums (especially the first one)

Bob W.

Norm said...

How do I download the last three songs? I can only get the first one to link. Thanks

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