Monday, November 5, 2012


INTERGALACTIC TOURING BAND (IGTB) in the reality of 1977, was a conceptual science fiction/rock opera project that assembled hundreds of musicians and singers, many well known in the progressive and rock scenes of that time. In the science fiction fantasy world of the 31st century they were a band assembled as goodwill ambassadors to all the earth colonies performing songs that depicted the early struggles of space travel and subsequent successes. To say that this was an overblown concept album would be to understate it yet its perhaps tongue in cheek approach to the space opera was oddly charming.

The Inter-Galactic Touring Band is a wonderful combination of rock music and science fiction that takes us on an imaginary romp through the cosmos. Special sound effects, mostly performed by Larry Fast of the Synergy® Electronic Music label accentuate the experience and add realism to the entire work.

Each song tells a different story. All of them are awe-inspiring. If you like science fiction, you will enjoy the ideas presented in these wonderful stories. The music is impeccably arranged and performed and some of the best vocal artists were chosen to sing the scores. (Such as Meatloaf and Status Quo )

     1. Approach
    2. Silver Lady
    3. Universal Zoo/Why?
    4. Starship Jingle
    5. Heartbreaker
    6. Reaching Out
    7. First Landing
    8. Space Commando
    9. Robot Salesman
    10. Love Station
    11. A Planet Called Monday/Epilogue
    12. Keeper Keep Us


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