Wednesday, November 7, 2012


 Detroit legend Steve Farmer revisits his Amboy Dukes days with some new compositions that each hint at that era when he along with Ted Nugent and the rest of the Dukes would hold audiences spellbound with their early impressions of psychedelia. 
Though this is a Farmer solo recording its brilliance has more than just Farmer to credit for its existence. Also appearing are fellow Motor City biggies Johnny “Bee” (The Detroit Wheels, Alice Cooper, The Rockets etc.) and Rick Lorber, another original Amboy Duke.

1. Journey To The Dark Side Of The Mind
2. Shadows On The Wall
3. Journey (Sojourn Soul)
4. Detroit After Dark
5. The Stone
6. Hiroshima
7. Ivory Castles
8. Death Is Life
9. Saint Phillips Friend
10. A Perfect Day
11. Sir Thomas Sonnet
12. Hip Death Goddess


kobilica said...

Amazing album,sounds great.Thanks...

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