Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Original artwork by Greg Volpert R.I.P.

The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA., December 15, 1997

1. 8:05
2. Naked If I Want To
3. Sitting By the Window
4. It’s a Beautiful Day Today
5. It’s Cool
6. Hey Grandma
7. Fall On You
8. You Must Believe in Love
9. Never
10. 4 + 20
11. For What It’s Worth
12. Murder in My Heart for the Judge
13. Greensleeves (instrumental)

Jerry Miller, Bob Mosley, Peter Lewis, Sam Andrew, plus others


Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving Greg credit. He is missed. I almost got him to do a poster for a festival I put on, but he was right in the middle of moving and had to pass.The next few years I used local artists, I'm very sorry I didn't get to use Greg.He did quite a bit of work for the Moby Grape users lists and did the covers for fan collections. A very nice guy and a great Moby Grape fan.

Before he passed, Jerry Miller & Bob Harvey (and many others) played a benefit for Greg. Unfortunately his Acceptable Graphics site has not been maintained, and non of the images display.


Bob W.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much once again! Three in a row that I didn't have! You have really made my week. This is a nice loose show, however I'm not too crazy about the two Sam Andrew songs. Sorry we've lost such a great 'Grape fan and artist. Larry

Anonymous said...

The Line-up was Miller, Mosley, Lewis, Sam Andrew (guitar, vocals) and Randy Guzman (drums)

Bob W.

john said...

Thanks for the Moby Grape. I will listen to anything they have made. Maybe I'm slow but I wish you a happy new year.

v-chile said...

Thank you very much!
Great blog,

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