Monday, January 28, 2013


 Moby Grape - Wetlands, NYC, 8/7/97

Fall On You
Lazy Me
Come In The Morning
Ain't No Use
Mr. Blues
Sitting By The Window
>> (break)
Hey Grandma
Changes - with an extended jam
Got To Be A Change
Must Believe In Love
Bitter Wind
Naked, If I Want To - extended version
Seeing - With John DeNicola on keyboards/organ
Lost Horizon
Murder In My Heart For The Judge
If You Can't Learn from My Mistakes
Dark Magic>
Encore: Gypsy Wedding

Miller, Mosley, Lewis, Stevenson, and DeNicola


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! One of the shows I've wanted for quite awhile now. Could only stream it over at Sugarmegs, so it's great to have download available. Thanks also for the usual cool artwork and photo from the show. I live about 1 hour from NYC, and will always regret missing these shows back in '97. Never heard about them until Rolling Stone had a short review a week or so later. Doesn't look like they may ever return to the NY area again. Luckily, I saw them once back in '68. Can't wait to see if you come up with more surprises! Several during this run that I was missing. Larry

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