Thursday, January 10, 2013


Soon after Dino's return so does Gary Duncan and a new stage is set on the QMS story.
The new version goes on the road early in 70. A series of shows begins with the New Look QMS
The transformation is complete and QMS begins another change in it's history

Quicksilver Messenger Service
March 21, 1970
Olympic Auditorium
Los Angeles, California

disc 1
01 [06:12] Fresh Air
02 [03:25] Warm Red Wine
03 [00:31] talk
04 [03:35] Subway
05 [03:32] Too Far
06 [08:27] The Truth
07 [11:26] Mona [cuts in at beginning of song]
08 [09:26] Rain

disc 2
01 [09:17] Mojo
02 [07:23] Edward The Mad Shirt Grinder
03 [01:58] encore break
04 [24:59] Who Do You Love?
05 [00:23] final thanks and applause

John Cipollina - guitar
Gary Duncan - guitar, vocals
Greg Elmore - drums
David Freiberg - bass, vocals
Nicky Hopkins - piano
Dino Valenti - vocals, rhythm guitar, congas


Anonymous said...

Thank you. QMS under Valenti is my ideal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my request. I'm gonna enjoy hearing this one. The Mill Valley show is another rarity. The only time I ever saw this was on the late great Sanfranciscowestcoastmusic blog. This has been a great run!

quick sliver said...

all the gresst songd on this lp thank you for the psoting when you happy trail to you? thanks you all for your great psoting

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