Friday, January 11, 2013


Gone are Cipollina, Freiberg, and Hopkins. Now it's in the hands of Capt Valenti and First Mate Duncan. It's not over yet my good friends. The next couple of LP's will produce some pretty damn good music. "Quicksilver" and " Comin' Thru" are released but the band seems to be losing altitude. Some notes about this show. John left the band but for some strange reason does play a few more dates with the band and I believe this is one of them. I really do not know why since at this point the band is totally Dino driven and John's part is pushed to the point of backup band member. I have no idea of the band members for this so if you know let me in on it.


Anonymous said...

Thank You. Great show!!

Gary Duncan and Dino rules!!
I have nothing against Cippolina, but from my point of view QMS of seventies better than earlier one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, but I gotta throw my two-cents in on this. To my ears this show is a bit dull and uninspired. It has nothing to do with Cipollina missing, but they never seem to catch fire. However, I strongly agree that all these QMS shows are lots of fun to listen to and many of us have different eras and line-ups that we prefer, so keep 'em coming!

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