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Here is an offering of some studio takes by Lewis and Mosley. They are enjoyable to listen to if you like the sounds and banter that come from the musicians at work in their studio environment. Two Peter Lewis songs are worked on here . Keep in mind that these are studio takes and are a piece of Grape history in the making. 
Moby Grape's Bob Mosley & Peter Lewis - Third World Studios, Austin, Texas, May 10, 1981

That Lost Horizon - multiple takes

In the Eyes of the World – multiple takes

BROWDER guitar
BARRETT keyboard
MOERBE drums
In The Eyes Of The World (Lewis)                                          

Once there were men out testin' every way
When this country was still young
This was a land of equality, a home for the refugee
And people were always ready to lend a hand

In the eyes of the world this was America
And it was not so long ago
What do we now to make a stand,
build a home of this old land
What makes a man so proud to say

In the eyes of the world this was a new frontier
A place were men can walk on common ground
Thinking for themselves and living free from fear
And everyone can come and settle down

All across the nation from the East and West
And in the mid a spirit's growing strong
Grounded on the sense of our own liberty
There is a common feel to carry on

In the eyes of the world this was America
And it was not so long ago
What do we need some foreign for?
This country's got an open door
Makin' a man so proud to say

In the eyes of the world this was America
And it was not so long ago

Lost Horizon (P. Lewis)

 Every day before the morning sun has started to climb
I awake from a dream of the past I left so far behind
Like clinging vines around my heart that won't unwind, can't break the ties that bind
I keep on searching for but cannot find that lost horizon

 Far away I could see the darkness was turning to dawn
I wanted to stay but I had to leave and when I came back, it was gone
I have been waiting so long, trying to be strong
But I guess you can't build a dream upon that lost horizon

 Thinking if there's a way I could get back someday
Any place left in my heart that was true
Then let the wind blow, the rain coming down
I can wait 'til they pass, 'cause I know I'll get through

 Anyway, had to get back down before my feelings show
What could I say? The flame was burning low
And still nobody knows where it goes
When the sun has set below that lost horizon


Anonymous said...

Once again Thank You! Nice pair, indeed! Peter & Bob never looked better. This does have some very nice passages scattered through it, but it's mainly for crazy completists like me. Sound is real good, too. As always, thanks for all these great, rare 'Grape downloads and fun artwork. These have all been a lot of fun for me, and hopefully others. Larry

Anonymous said...

I enjoy listening to sessions like these. Listening as a song is worked out. I think it all started for me with the Beach Boys box set with the sessions for Good Vibrations and the bonus disc with instrumental tracks and acapella versions. Now I have collected some from QMS to Frank Sinatra & Doris Day. Thanks for these,

Is that Bob on the right?

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