Saturday, February 2, 2013


I was surfing through my image files today and found this work by Greg Volpert. I think it had a connection with another( possible ) Moby Grape Tribute Lp . It is not known if indeed one was ever put together as both Greg and organizer Bill Morse both passed away. The image made me want to create my own " Grapenstein" cover for the fun of it! So here it is........
No music connected to this post. More to come later. Just wanted to post the images connected to the run of Moby Grape material.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

Here's a link to download a few more pieces of Greg's work including the covers from the collections of Moby Grape list recordings. The Grapestein art was proposed for one of the collections, but another of Greg's proposed covers received more support. Thanks for remembering a truly nice guy and great artist. Unfortunately his Acceptable Graphics site is now defunct. I wish I had copied all the artwork to my hard drive.

Short link


Bob W.

Anonymous said...

Bill, Once upon a time you shared with us the program you used to do your art. Unfortunately I lost that in the computer crash. Would you mind very much sharing that info again.

Thanks, steVe

24HOURDEJAVU said...

steVe I use Photoscape as the main software and sometimes using Microsoft Paint for a few minor things

auweia said...

i put these artwork pieces up on Flickr for a more permanent place. RIP Greg

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