Sunday, February 24, 2013


 Quite literally where Moby Grape meets Kaleidoscope, The Darrow Mosley Band was a short-lived ensemble in which the family trees of those two extraordinary bands interlocked for a few short months in 1973.


. said...

Very interesting to see the artwork credit for this - John Hurford used to do the illustration and artwork for the UK hippie/counterculture magazine "Gandalf's Garden" - I haven't noticed his work anywhere since then!

Thanks for this upload - looking forward to hearing it.

KDNYfm said...

Thanx for all the Grape family stuff ...especially the live and out takes, a lot of which I've never seen before and didnt know existed.
I was a member of the Grape dialog for a long time, and thru that got quite a bit of stuff...I can only think that you used to be a member as well.
I think I may have a couple things you may not have included, and would be happy to share if you are interested!
Send me an email if interested!!
Thanx again

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Al please drop me a line at my email address I would be very happy to be able to see what you have that I may have missed. I used to post on a couple of old forums several years back but not lately So let me know

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this EP. I actually had a copy in my hands in a store last year, but passed on it because it was quite expensive. So many great posts during Moby Grape month, with several I didn't have. Wish it could go on longer, but maybe some more down the road! There's still more out there. Larry

Anonymous said...

sadly all links seem dead :(

Greg Waldron said...

Hi I am writing from Australia and have only just discovered your amazing site..I'm a big moby Grape fan but alot of the files seem to be dead is there any chane of reupping some as ziipyshare files

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