Sunday, February 24, 2013


A 24 song compilation of songs that are deserving of more attention and are not as frequently  heard as some of their other mainstays.

01  Rounder (Intrumental outtake)
      Possibly from the first Lp
02  Stop Previously
      unreleased Lewis tune playe in early days
03  Three-Four
04  He
05  Rose Colored Eyes
      #3-5 from the WOW Lp
06  Never
      From the Grape Jam EP
07  If You Can't Learn From My Mistakes
08  Captain Nemo
09  Seeing
10  Hoochie
11  Ain't That A Shame
12  I Am Not Willing
     #7-12 From MG69
13  Looper
14  Beautiful Is Beautiful
15  Right Before My Eyes
16  Love Song
17  Changes, Circles Spinning
     #12-17 From Truly Fine Citizen
18  Soul Stew
       Unreleased Song
19  Apocalypse
20  About Time
     #19 -20 from 20 Granite Creek
21  Sitting And Watching
22  Hard Road To Follow
     #21-22 from Heart LP
24 Loving You
      from Legendary Grape

Thanks again for tuning into the Moby Grape review


Anonymous said...

Very good collection of this great band.
Thank You

john said...

The sun will rise in the east and I will never get tired of listening to the Moby Grape. Thank You.

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