Tuesday, February 19, 2013


 Another show from the Wetlands in 97. This post is a little different in the fact that I do not have the show songs broken down into individual tracks. You will listen to the whole show all at one setting by discs. I could not break down the tracks because of very tight sound files and opted to put the show up in two files by sets. Sound quality is not as good as I would like to have had but again it is Grape history and overall it is a great show none the less! If any one has this show in better quality I would be appreciative in being able to obtain it

 Moby Grape
Wetlands, NYC, 8/6/97

disc one
1. intro
2. murder in my heart
3. omaha
4. seeing
5. that lost horizon
6. if you can't learn from my mistakes
7. sick and tired
8. got to be a change
9. hey grandma
10. mr. blues
11. changes
12. sitting by the window
13. indifference

disc two
1. 8:05
2. come in the morning
3. someday
4. ain't no use
5. bitter wind
6. fall on you
7. naked if i want to
8. dark magic
9. changing
10. gypsy wedding
11. truckin man


Anonymous said...

I guess the Grape never Played "He" Live ever! One of my Favorites. I love these post. Thanks

Anonymous said...

There doesn't seem to be a working link. The QMS graphic doesn't do anything, just shows the image.

Bob W.

PS: THANK YOU for all the great Moby Grape.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! No links yet? Click on the logo and you get the artwork only! I'll be patient!

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Hope the link is up now

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! Another new one. We'll deal with the large files or break them up ourselves. By the way, Peter Lewis plays "He" live on his Live In Bremen album. Larry

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