Monday, February 18, 2013


An interesting show from '79 with the band performing a lot of tunes that were new or different than the usual. If anyone has titles or the band lineup it would be great to get that information.

01  Fall On You
02  Instrumental
03  Baby Don't Leave Me
04  When The Music Was over
05  I Love You More Everyday
06  Something You Got
07  She Stood Before Me
08  Eight O Five
09  Hey Grandma
10  Honky Tonk
11  That Lost Horizon
12  Taco Time
13  Satisfied With You
14  Here I sit> Can't Be So Bad

Thanks Bob for your title updates!!

The Grape
Ad Lib tavern
Kent, WA
Peter, Jerry, Daniel Spencer on drums, probably Christian Powell on Bass (but it isn't announced). "Bob" on keyboards. Don Stevenson joins them on vocals for 8:05.

Thanks Drogos for feedback on the band members and tracks



Anonymous said...

Here's what I got as a set list. No idea on tracks 2 & 3:

01 Fall On You
02 Unknown Title (instrumental)
03 Unknown Title
04 Your Rider (this is not Your Rider it is When The Music Was Over)
05 I Love You More Every Day
06 Something You Got
07 She Stood Before Me
08 Eight O Five
09 Hey Grandma
10 Honky Tonk
11 That Lost Horizon
12 Taco Time
13 Satisfied With You
14 Here I sit
track 14 is 2 songs Here I Sit and Can't Be So bad. There is a break between them at @ 3:20

Bob W.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

thank you Bob for your update I will make the corrections

drogos said...

Once again amazing with all that you have and share. Many many thanks and congratulations for your blog. A link where there is little information.
Best regards from France,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this show! Did not have this one. Checked over at Sugarmegs, & they have the very partial set list starting w/ Hey Grandma and the rest pretty much falling into place the way Bob W has it. They don't even mention Fall On You. Nice job Bob filling in nearly all of the blanks, and as usual another great cover! Larry

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