Sunday, February 17, 2013


Moby Grape
Winston's San Diego November 7 1990

1. rodeo
2. silver wheel
3. summertime
4. take a chance on me
5. naked if i want to
6. hey grandma
7. farther on down the road
8. got to be a change
9. blind, crippled and crazy
10. lady of the night
11. changing
12. ditto
13. murder in my heart for the judge
14. 8:05
15. fall on you
16. all the time
17. all my life
18. sittin by the window
19. she's fine

Jerry Miller. Don Stevenson,Dan Abernathy, Bob Mosley


Anonymous said...

Hello Bill
Just called by to say hello and to wish you all the best in all you do for the coming Festive Season and beyond.....
I've not d/loaded here for quite a time....have been keeping nose above water....
Cy at Pck

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