Sunday, March 3, 2013


I could find very little info on this 85 release. I did notice a couple of interesting points about the LP so I posted a shot of the back cover that points out that this marks an appearance of Doug's son Shawn on solo for Bavarian Baby. Augie writes a couple of tunes here as well as doing the vocals on them. I reworked the original front cover(which in OMO might rank as one of the cheapest LP covers made....guess there was some budget restraints in place ) Over all a good LP and I do believe it was the last studio LP until 94's Day Dreaming At Midnight release. there would be a couple of live SDQ and Doug would return home to Texas (after a short stay in Canada) to record with Amos Garrett and others

 01  the ballad of the wasa
02  no way like norway
03  train to trondheim
04  i wanna fall in love again
05  suzie darling
06  long black veil
07  county line
08  just a dream
09  what ya gonna do for love
10  bavarian baby


Anonymous said...

thank you for those hard to get SDQ

'county line' is missing

Anonymous said...

merci beaucoup
for county line

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill
I've not been in for a week or so....been down SDQ....I'll call by tomorrow....hope you and all dear to you are 'in the pink' sad news this morning...Luck Dog....looks like he's on his way out...he took some sort of turn yesterday and keeled the sweet mystery...
God Bless
Cy at Pck

Anonymous said...

The real link of the album, please!

Anonymous said...

great site. thank you. if you're able, please repost a link to the album.

24HRDEJAVU said...

availability has been corrected The missing county line included

Anonymous said...

Neato Sahminizations in this one, like "Ballad Of The Wasa"..... Thanx again,

Luc Brummans said...

All links are dead. Can you please reupload 'Luv' Ya Europa'?

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Will give it my best effort

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