Sunday, March 3, 2013


The '80s began with a new round of touring and recording for the Sir Douglas Quintet, based on the group's ability to play in many of the styles that were considered hip by the "new wave." By the middle of the decade the group was working more overseas than in its own country. This is one of the recordings done for the Sonet label, a company that already had a background of recording expatriate jazz musicians such as Don Cherry. Some listeners may perceive a hint of tragedy that a group that was once in the Top Ten would wind up recording for a Swedish label, but the music of Doug Sahm was never about establishing a fiefdom of mass popularity. His is a music that feels good and is good for those that appreciate it, and he simply changed his focus as the audience came and went. There isn't that much difference in writing "She's About a Mover" for a foxy lady on the streets of San Antonio than there is writing "Viking Girl" in praise of the Scandinavian lasses that may have caught his eye. Many of the original San Antonio gang are along for the ride; there is a handful of classic tunes and even a cover of a song closely associated with the Police -- and guess what? By the time Sahm is done with it, the listener will think Sahm wrote it himself by Eugene Chadbourne

 01  san antonio boogie
02  in the zone alone
03  viking girl
04  never be a saint
05  every breathe you take
06  everybody gets lonely sometimes
07  can't go back to austin
08  que paso
09  anymore
10  tejano
11  sleep walk


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thank you so much

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thank you
but it's midnight sun for the second time

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Wow! So much Doug Sahm! Can't wait to listen to the live shows. Can You repost Rio Medina, please?

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