Saturday, April 27, 2013


Going to swing back to the bay area Haight days for a post or two. I will get around to some reposts soon (I hope) so be patient. Here's a set from BBHC . I have to be truthful and say that they were not really my favorite SF band but I respect their impact on bay area music during that great timeline.

Big Brother & the Holding Company

Disc One (of two) – 63:14
Unknown dates, 1967
Matrix, San Francisco

d1t01. Flower in the Sun  4:39
d1t02. High Heel Sneakers  3:44
d1t03. Song intro > Turtle Blues  7:11
d1t04. Tuning  0:33
d1t05. "…your best friend is a Psychedelic Ranger, your policeman."  0:29
d1t06. tuning  0:37
d1t07. song intro > Bye Bye Baby  4:43
d1t08. tuning  0:11
d1t09. Song intro > Brownsville > "...we  be back a little bit later…"  6:28
d1t10. "…their second set of the evening, BBATHC." > Down on Me  3:12
d1t11. song intro
d1t12. The One (Intruder)  3:43
d1t13. Blindman  2:58
d1t14. Ball and Chain  7:57
d1t15. Amazing Grace > rap  8:51  >
d1t16. Summertime (x)  7:33
d1t17. Applause  0:05
d1t18. "…BBATHC, they'll be back tomorrow night…"  0:10

Disc Two (of two) – 54:30
Benefit for the Matrix at the Fillmore 6/16/1968

d2t01. "Everybody up…" > intro > Catch Me Daddy  6:26
d2t02. Combination of the Two  7:20
d2t03. I Need a Man to Love  6:40
d2t04. Summertime  4:54
d2t05. Road Block  9:43
d2t06. Mr. Natural  7:50
d2t07. Farewell Song  5:20
d2t08. Encore:  Piece of My Heart > outro > "…Steve Miller…"  6:16


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