Monday, April 22, 2013


It's Earth Day.... so here is a compilation with the ECO balance as the theme!

Can you feel the manmade mist
As it starts to twist your lungs?
Slower than guns

Breathe deep
As you enter sleep
Feel secure it’s all around you

Can you see the golden brown
As it circles round your town
Town coming down

Smokin’ stacks on industry’s backs
In this land of a cigarette pack
Feel secure there all around you

Miles and miles of gasoline fumes
In the air like transparent tombs
Feel secure there all around you

DDT making bugs relax
There in your food like poison tacks
How about that?

I remember as a kid chasing a truck like this around the neighborhood as they sprayed for mosquitoes 


Spirit - Nature's Way
Iron Butterfly - Slower Than Guns
Joni Mitchell- Big Yellow Taxi
CSN&Y - Clear Blue Skies
John Mayall - Nature's Disappearing
Fred Neil - The Dolphins
QMS - Fresh Air
The Beach Boys - Don't Go Near The Water
Country Joe McDonald - Save The Whales
The Yardbirds - Shapes Of Things
Emerson,Lake. & Palmer - Black Moon
Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
Jefferson Airplane - Panda
The Moody Blues - How Is It (We Are Here)
The Turtles - Earth Anthem
Adrian Belew - Men In Helicopters
QMS - What About Me
Country Joe - Power Plant Blues
Stephen Stills - The Ecology Song
Blue Cheer - Ecological Blues
The Grateful Dead - Throwing Stones
Project grape Escape - Pollution
Spirit - Nature's Way (Orchestrated)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)


Anonymous said...

Hi Bill, So nice to see you return. Thanks for another great collection.It must have been tough picking which Country Joe songs to use. And of course there wasn't room for Gregory Peccary.

Who is making those new brown clouds?

Hope you are well,

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, We used to do the same thing when we were kids. Got on our bikes & followed that truck around. God knows what it did to us!! Can you imagine that happening today!? And welcome back, hope you're feeling better. Very nice comp. for Earth Day. I'm still going through all of those Moby Grape posts from last month, and enjoying them all. A lot of great music to digest, and using some of the artwork too. Larry

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