Monday, April 1, 2013


Casting Pearls
Mill Valley Bunch
Initial release : 1972

The only album released by the Mill Valley Bunch, a loose agglomeration of Bay Area musicians getting together for jam sessions.


    I've Had It
    Young Girl Blues
    What Would I Do Without My Baby
    Settle It In The Bedroom, Baby
    Jimmy's Blues
    Let Me Down Easy
    Hollywood Blues
    Lettin' Go Ain't Easy
    Last Call Blues

 Musicians included

    Dino Andino - percussion
    Michael Bloomfield - guitar, vocals
    Ron Cimille - guitar
    Russell Dashiell - guitar, vocals
    Rick Dey - bass, vocals
    Tony Dey - drums
    Spencer Dryden - drums
    Barry Goldberg - piano
    Nick Gravenites - guitar, vocals
    Rick Jaeger - drums
    Jeffrey James - drums
    John Kahn - bass, piano
    Ira Kamin - keyboards
    Lee Michaels - keyboards
    Mark Naftalin - keyboards
    Fred Olsen - guitar
    Tom Richards - guitar
    Mark Ryan - bass
    Michael Shrieve - drums
    Craig Tarwater - guitar
    Chicken Billy Thorton - guitar
    Bill Vitt - drums
    Ace of Cups, Denise Jewkes, Jeneatte Jones And Co., Ron Stallings,    The Pointer Sisters - additional vocals


    Producer - Leo de Gar Kulka, Nick Graveniites, Mike Bloomfield
    Engineer - Leo de Gar Kulka
    Recorded at Golden State Recorders
The original 1972 LP jacket


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