Sunday, April 7, 2013


Peppy Castro( Emil Thielhelm )was the original lead guitarist with the classic psychedelic 60's band ..The Blues Magoos. The band formed in 1966 and released the Psychedelic Lollipop LP to great success. Two followup records would be released without much success and the original band lineup would split. However Peppy would move to a new record label and release two lp's with a new lineup and a different style of music. The Lp's would be centered around a Latin - Blues style but would still not provide a commercial success. The LP's "Never Go Back To Georgia" and "Gulf Coast Bound" were musically pretty good and I myself have always enjoyed them. Peppy would join the cast of "Hair" and form several more bands with unique musical variations. In the past couple of years the original Blues Magoos lineup would reform and a new LP was promised but still has not surfaced .


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