Friday, June 21, 2013


From the final line up of Spooky Tooth . Led by Gary wright and  is the only original member. It still has that same musical feel but proved to be the last Spooky until a reunion in 1999

Agora Ballroom
Cleveland, OH

1 Waiting For The Wind
2 Cotton Growing Man
3 Old As I Was Born
4 The Mirror
5 Fantasy Satisfier
6 I Am The Walrus
7 Evil Woman

Mike Patto--Vocals & Keyboard
Gary Wright--Vocals & Keyboard
Mick Jones--Guitar
Val Burke--Bass
Bryson Graham--Drums


Anonymous said...

something for you- Jim Murray lost album 1971 (with Chip)This link is currently still open.
Might I suggest changing the song order. make up a playlist that puts the songs together - the vocals version and then all the takes of that song. You'll see what I mean- steVe

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