Friday, July 3, 2015


Rapture in the Chambers was a 1988 album by Spirit. It remains the only Spirit LP or CD still out of print So I thought you Spirit fans would enjoy it.

It was their first "proper" album since their 1976 album Farther Along, which had featured almost the entire original line-up (Jay Ferguson, who was concentrating on his solo career, was absent). Their albums since that time had mostly consisted of archival releases, live albums, a re-union attempt, and Future Games, which is largely considered to be a Randy California solo album in everything but name. It was also their final album for an established label, IRS Records.

The primary line-up for this album was Randy, Ed and John Locke. Mark Andes also appeared on two tracks, and Randy's sister Janet provided harmony vocals on Hard Love.

Track listing

   1. Hard Love
   2. Love Tonight
   3. Thinking Of
   4. Rapture In The Chambers
   5. Mojo Man
   6. Contact
   7. The Prisoner
   8. One Track Mind
   9. Enchanted Forest
  10. Human Sexuality
  11. Shera Princess Of Power
  12. End Suite.


Anonymous said...

Another great album. If you keep this up I will have to request Farther Along, Son of Spirit and Spirit of 84 as I no longer have my 8-track tapes.
Thanks for this one- steVe

Randy Davis said...

I love Spirit and Thanks for the ZippyShare

Rob said...

A repost some day...thanks for all the SpiriT!

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