Thursday, July 2, 2015


After the failed attempt at a band reunion (all original members)  in 1974-75 the Beau Brummels tried again 10 years later with new members.. They did manage to release a new single but to no avail . Declan Mulligan should be credited for trying to keep the group together

In my own opinion their 75 reunion LP was pretty good. I still enjoy hearing these guys and their style of music,
The Beau Brummels in 1984
Decaln Mulligan. Terry Thorn, Sal Valentino.. Jim Moyles & John Hjort

beau brummels 
San Francisco 
golden gate park

01 - Intros
02 Love can Fall A long Way Down
03 Melody
04 Just A Little
05 Native Sons 
06 Goldrush
07 Pot Of Steel
08 Sad Little Girl
09 Watching The Night To End
10 Laugh Laugh
11 Back To Life
12 Hard Time Lovin'
13 Goodbye
14 Black Is Black( encore)


24HOURDEJAVU said...

Sorry folks I am working on another link now should be up in the next few minutes

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link and for posting this show. Are there any shows around with the Smithereens backing them up? I believe the tour was just a couple of years after this show & before the 1st Smithereens LP came out. Larry

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