Monday, July 22, 2013



01. -intro-
02. Talking About Love
03. Bitter Wind In Tanganika
04. -technical-
05. 8:05
06. Further On Up The Road
07. You'll Never Know
08. Murder In My Heart For The Judge
09. Hey Grandma
10. You Can Depend On Me
11. I'd Rather Be Blind
12. Sittin' By The Window
13. Changing
14. Stormy Monday
15. Gypsy Wedding
16. All My Life
17. They Took It All Away
18. Lady Of The Nite
19. Fall On You
20. Now I See
21. Naked If I Want To (cuts)

Bob Mosley, Jerry Miller, Peter Lewis, Don Stevenson
Dan Abernethy, with David Laflamme


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. You must have been reading my mind! I've tried to get this at Sugarmegs, but the file seems to be empty. Great job posting this one w/ most of the original members plus D. LaFlamme. Nice cover too! Larry

Anonymous said...

Thanks again. Just a follow-up. What is the last track[#21]? I don't think it's Naked If I Want To, but I'm not sure what it is. Maybe a piece from another show? I've also seen this show end w/ Can't Be So Bad, but no links are available, although this will more than make up for it!! Larry

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Larry I do not know the title of that last track guess I should changed it to reflect an unknown title Thanks for pointing it out to me Maybe I will call it it Gimme Love?

Anonymous said...

Terriffic blog fella.
Many thanks for all the uploads.
Any chance you could re-up the Greg Douglass & Mistress album, "Free Flyte"?
Many thanks,

john said...

All I can say is a big thank you. Moby Grape forever.

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