Sunday, July 21, 2013


San Francisco 1974 Live at the The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA; April 16, 1974.     An interesting set from the Grape that included Johnny Craviotto and Jeff Blackburn who would join Neil Young And Bob Mosley to play as the Ducks
 This is a decent quality soundboard recording though the mix is a bit unbalanced.

Disc 1 (first set - 37:18)
Track 101. Get On Up [low levels for the first 18 seconds] (5.8MB)
Track 102. Silver Wings (8.6MB)
Track 103. Love Your Daddy (6.9MB)
Track 104. Show No Mercy Hill (5.0MB)
Track 105. How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live? (7.1MB)
Track 106. Jesse James (6.4MB)
Track 107. Ain’t No Secret (9.2MB)
Track 108. Perfect (4.1MB)
Track 109. City Lights (5.5MB)
Track 110. Gone Dead Train (3.9MB)
Track 111. thanks and applause before set break (200k)

Disc 2 (second set - 63:42)
Track 201. [cuts in] Thank All You People (7.2MB)
Track 202. I Am A Dreamer (7.5MB)
Track 203. What About Love? (4.2MB)
Track 204. I’m Ready (7.6MB)
Track 205. Pan American To New Orleans [with Wayne Goodwin - fiddle] (7.6MB)
Track 206. Window Into My Soul (9.7MB)
Track 207. Fall On You [false start] (1.4MB)
Track 208. Fall On You (4.8MB)
Track 209. A Deeper Mystery (6.4MB)
Track 210. Truckin’ Man (4.0MB)
Track 211. Miller’s Blues (9.3MB)
Track 212. [cuts in] Goodbye My Lady (4.7MB)
Track 213. Bottle Of Reds [with Wayne Goodwin - fiddle] (8.0MB)
Track 214. Can’t Be So Bad (9.9MB)
Track 215. Gypsy Wedding (4.8MB)
Track 216. thanks and applause before encore (3.1MB)
Track 217. Going Down (6.9MB)

Jerry Miller - guitar, vocals
Peter Lewis - guitar, vocals
Bob Mosley - bass, vocals
Jeff Blackburn - guitar, vocals
Johnny Craviotto (aka “Johnny C”) - drums, vocals
and special guest Wayne Goodwin - fiddle (where noted)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I had picked it up already from the Big O blog last month, but now it's great to have all in one file. New artwork too! First "new" 'Grape show to turn up in quite awhile, so it will be a nice addition to any fans collection. Many rare songs and kind of a link between the Orphanage show from '73 & the Ebbets Field B'cast a month after this show. Larry

john said...

Thank you for keeping the Grape vine watered.

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