Thursday, July 4, 2013


The 13th LP by Spirit. It brought Randy and Ed together with Mike Nile (on bass) back to a power trio.
The music is exceptionally good and those songs by Nile made him more than just a player. He fits in well and gives the band a new feel with some great cuts. released in 1990. The band gives us some great sounding fireworks for the 4th of July

  Spirit -  Tent Of Miracles

    Randy California
    Ed Cassidy
    Mike Nile

    1 Borderline (Cassidy)
    2 Imaginary Mask (California/Nile/Cassidy)
    3 Stuttgart Says Good-Bye (Cassidy/California)
    4 Deep In This Land (Nile)
    5 Zandu (California)
    6 Love From Here (California)
    7 Ship of Fools (Nile)
    8 Burning Love (California)
    9 Tent of Miracles (Nile)
    10 Logical Answers (California)
    11 Old Black Magic (Nile)
    12 Neglected Emotion (California)


Anonymous said...

I never really listened to any Spirit after Spirit of 76, a wonderful record... I probably ought to give this a go then... thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

I had hoped between this album and Rapture In The Chambers that Spirit was about to make a comeback. There was a fuller sound to these albums that reminded me of early Spirit and the songs that were written by Mike Nile fit right in with the Spirit sound. Like he belonged there.

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