Friday, August 9, 2013



Country Joe McDonald
Barry Melton
Bob Hogins - Keyboards
Bob Flurie - Guitar
Harold Aceves - drums,
Peter Albin – Bass

Setlist: (Runtime about 95 minutes)

CD 1

Intro/Rock And Soul Music
Flying High
Colorado Town
FUCK cheer
I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die
Bass Strings

CD 2

"Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?" (joke time)
Butchers Boy
Section 43
Save The Whales
Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine
Rock And Soul Music (reprise)

The backing band have played in Country Joe and The Fish and also with Barry Melton:

Bob Hogins and Bob Flurie played on Barry's 1977 LP We Are Like The Ocean

Harold Aceves (Quicksilver Messenger Service 1st drummer) along with Bob Hogins and Bob Flurie played on Barry's 1979 LP Level With Me also appeared in More American Graffiti as Country Joe and the Fish

Peter Albin – a member of Big Brother and The Holding Company, Played with CJ & The Fish from Feb – June 1969 and played on Here I Go Again LP. He also played with Barry from 1980s


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