Thursday, August 8, 2013


Barry Melton Band
Constable Jack's
Newcastle, CA USA

The Barry Melton Band:

Barry Melton,
Dave Getz

disc 1/set 1
d1t01 MC intro
d1t02 Got Love
d1t03 band intros etc.
d1t04 Wine Women & Whiskey
d1t05 banter etc.
d1t06 Tricky Dicky From Yorba Linda
d1t07 banter etc.
d1t08 Superbird
d1t09 pick schtick etc.
d1t10 Goin' Back To NYC >
d1t11 30 Days >
d1t12 Do The Dance
d1t13 end of set blah blah
set 2
d1t14 a little rehearsal
d1t15 Where Do I Go From Here?
d1t16 I Can't Dance >
d1t17 Can't Be True

disc 2/set 2 continued
d2t01 tuning etc.
d2t02 Mojo Navigator
d2t03 tuning etc.
d2t04 Blind Man
d2t05 banter etc. (long)
d2t06 Graveyard Shift (?)
d2t07 Closer
d2t08 end of set blah blah

set 3
d2t09 noodles etc.
d2t10 In The Pines
d2t11 banter etc.
d2t12 Betty & Dupree
d2t13 banter etc.
d2t14 Stagger Lee
d2t15 Butcher's Boy
d2t16 banter etc.
d2t17 Man Into A Monkey


Mystere2 said...

Thank you greatly for all the Fish! These recordings really catch the spirit of the times having fun seriously amid the attacks of the time -cheerful Zen revolutionaries.

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