Saturday, September 28, 2013


One last posting about the nonsense music of the late sixties. The radio airwaves were filled with the sound of bubble gum pop music and was indeed very popular whether  we liked it or not. Once again I will have to admit that even I liked a couple of the tunes. The Fruitgum Company's "Indian Giver" was catchy and by today's standards would probably qualify as  very politically incorrect with it's implications about Native Americans. I do promise that I will not visit Disco and will return to our regularly programed material.  And we will forgive you if you hum or sing along to this stuff!

01  i could be so good - don and the goodtimes
02  simon says - 1910 fruitgum company
03  yummy yummy yummy - ohio espress
04  little bit of soul - music explosion
05  1 2 3 red light - 1910 fruitgum compamy
06  western union - five americans
07  keep on dancing - gentrys
08  the rapper - jaggerz
09  snoopy versus the red baron - royal guardsmen
10  rice is nice - lemon pipers
11  goody goody gumdrops - 1910 fruitgum company
12  quick joey small - kasenetz katz singing orchestral circus
13  down at lulu's - ohio express
14  bubble gun music - rock and roll dubble bubble trading card company of philadelphia
15  shake - shadows of knight
16  zip code - five americans
17  i'm gonna love you too - hullabaloos
18  kind of a drag - buckinghams
19  chewy chewy - ohio express
20  come on down to my boat - every mother's son
21  indian giver - 1910 fruitgum company
22  tale it or leave it - barbarians
23  red rubber ball - cyrkle
24 i wanna do it - family


gregg said...

how could omit The Cowsills. "Indian Lake" it was a solid Double Bubble-Bazooka bubble gum hit!!! They also had some the radio hit with"Hair" from the Hippy-Tribe Rock Musical "HAIR" as well as the Sunshine-Psychedelic hit "The Rain, The Park & Other Things"...

ScrumpyJack said...

Quite a quality compilation, I am enjoying it thoroughly!
No Crispian St. Peters or the Archies?
Maybe in Vol. II. LOL
Thanks much!!

24HOURDEJAVU said...

The bubble gum thing seems to be a bit more popular than I thought. Maybe a volume two since I am getting some suggestions

Anonymous said...

In the Year 2525 by Zager & Evens.
Herman's Hermits - Henry the VIII, There's a Kind of Hush & Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter.

I know I should remain anonymous when requesting Bubble Gum but it didn't stop me from buying The Monkees on CD so- Thanks for this collection. steVe


Is there anyway you can send me a link for this? My computer recently crashed and I lost this mix. Thank you!

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