Friday, September 20, 2013


As the title does indeed suggest this is nonsense. How many of you will admit to the fact that you will catch yourself singing or humming one of these gems. during the 60's there were a rash of novelty songs that hit the airwaves.  There were artists(as Roger Miller) who virtually made a living off of this type of music. Interesting that even some of our own favorite musicians even put there hands into the genre for a couple of tunes. As we would expect a guy like Frank Zappa could prove that there could be commercial potential in the light hearted humor of a novelty song. Dr. Demento would make a career of promoting the novelty songs.Sing along if you want!!

01  let it out ( let it all hang out) - hombres
02  sarah cynthia stout would take the garbage out - shel siverstein
03  fish heads  - barnes and barnes
04  dead skunk in the middle of the road - louden wainwright
05  pencil neck geek - freddie blassie
06  king tut - steve martin
07  troglodyte - jimmie castor bunch
08  they're coming to take me away - napoleon XIV
09  may the bird of paradise - little jimmie dickens
10  ohh licky licky wah - deviled ham
11  my boomerang won't come back -charlie drake *
12  tie me kangeroo down sport - rolf harris *
13  ali baba's camel - bonzo dog band
14  you turn me on - ian whitcomb
15  king kong - jimmie castor bunch
16  jolly green giant - kingsmen
17  junk food junkie - larry groce
18  flower punk - mothers of invention
19  cows with guns - dana lyons
20  hebrew rap - frank zappa and dr. demento
21  surfin' bird - trashmen
22  100,000 turkeys - chris - t-t
23  you can't roller skate in a buffalo herd - roger miller
24  that's all folks - porky pig

* for an extra story on Harris and Drake   go here.....


blue50p said...

11 my boomerang won't come back - rolf harris
Is NOT by Rolf Harris but actually by Charlie Drake

Timmy said...

FYI.... The track that is credited to Zappa & Dr. D., is neither of them. just some bad crap.

Anonymous said...

A while back I went on youtube and played Fish Heads & Shaving Cream for my granddaughter. Just a few days ago we were remembering The Ballad of Ben Gay & Phil Ochs' Outside of a Small Circle of Friends. So yes, these songs have stuck with us through the years. Thanks to Dr Demento and the classic days of FM radio. And thank you for this great collection too.

And for those who don't know, half of the team of Barnes & Barnes is Billy Mumy from Lost in Space and that creepy kid from the Twilight Zone. -steVe

Anonymous said...

What a Hoot!! Thanx so much!!

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