Saturday, September 14, 2013


A small sampling of the west coast psychedelic pop that took over the music scene. there were hundreds of bands and musicians. Some made it big some disappeared after their first efforts. However this may have been one of the most creative musical times.

01  softly to me - love
02  eyes - strawberry window
03  special girl - chelsea sidecar
04  happy with you - tikis
05  rubiyat - immediate family
06  letters - new tweedy brothers
07  peaceful times - crystal set
08  sing me a rainbow - sons of champlin
09  brave new world - thorinshield
10  let's get together - dino valenti
11  all the time - tricycle
12  the last thing on my mind - vejtables
13  ain't it babe - charity shane
14  we'll meet again - byrds
15  windchimes - mad river
16  i don't care - front line assembly
17  excitation - rear exit
18  stranger in a strange land - blackburn and snow
19  hearts to cry - frumious bandersnatch
20  good times - transatlantic railroad
21  now it's over - living children
22  she's my baby - mojo men
23  you were on my mind - we five
24  west coast child of sunshine - blue cheer


john said...

you can say that again. Thanks.

john said...

I can remember first seeing that Mothers of Invention album cover. I'm a wimp. It gave me a scare.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

how funny John I can remember the first time I saw this Lp also It was creepy but at the same time extremely intriguing. I had never heard of these guys at that time but I had to have that LP.

snakeboy said...

Thanks for this well put together collection.

Anonymous said...

Hi friend,

Congratulations for the blog!

enjoy my





visions of mushrooms danced in my head! thanks for the awesome comps!

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