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Found this short file a bit ago. It is interesting to me because it probably should have been my first show.
However as any young man at that time would be, I had other things on my mind and did not make it. I would see the dead the next Feb of 69 when they returned as opening act for the Iron Butterfly. This show has from sources the first playing of St Stephen live and it is said that they played Schoolgirl as their second song but it is absent from the taping. Remarkably this sounds pretty good for it's age and I wish I would have been there. The handbill is a shot of the original that was distributed prior to the event . Crude but historical at least for me  since I call St Louis home

 Grateful Dead
National Guard Armory
May 24-1968[
St Louis MO

First GD in St Louis with first St Stephen

01  Morning Dew
02  It Hurts Me Too
03  Dark Star
04  St Stephen
05  Turn on Your Lovelight


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Interesting early set. I 1st saw the Dead at the old Fillmore East in NYC around April of '69 w/ Savoy Brown opening. I grew up in central NJ. Did you ever catch Moby Grape out in St Louis? I saw The Dead at the Fox Theater in St Louis in '71. I went to college in Mo. back then. Larry

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Have never seen this date posted anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find this??? Is it a lossless source or is it mp3?

24HOURDEJAVU said...

This was taken from the Internet Archive of GD shows and is an MP3 source

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I did a bit of digging and it looks like this was part of a collection of unlabeled 7" reels that were found in the vault. Dates are speculative. Sure does sound sweet!!!

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