Sunday, March 9, 2014


Just a few words about the blog in general. First and foremost I appreciate the comments that I receive.
The blog is a hobby for me to give me something to do as well as remember the times when the music was at it's most creative(OMO). I enjoy creating the art for the posts as well as listening to the music. I enjoy hearing from you . I plan on continuing this site as long as time and health permit. I know that my choice of posts have a limited market of readers but I know these folks appreciate the music and some of it is damn hard to find nowadays

Currently I use the mirrocreator sight to upload the links. I have decided to stop using it brcause it is full of pop ups( which are annoying and here recently have been placing  rider files that attach to your computer) I will begin searching for a new way to link the music and other files on the sight. Mega may be an option however it has a limited storage capacity on it's free account. I do not think I can purchase a premium account so I may have to delete links to stay within it's limitations. I may also continue to use zippyshare as it does not appear to be too bad on pop ups. This change may limit the reposting of music .
You may have to get it when it first comes out before the limitation on storage is reached. I may continue to repost on zippy if it stays clean.

There is an email for the blog on the right column and if you use it I will do my best to respond to you. Sometimes I am not sure if the comments widget gets you a response.

I create new art for the posts a lot of times because quite frankly the original art is pretty cheap and crappy looking to me (once again this  OMO) I used to post a music file for each post but stopped because I received no feedback on the file. Yes or no?  Does anyone listen to the sample?

So please give me your feedback and I hope to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

You have a very good blog and choice of music. Zippyshare has worked well in the past, so far. Keep up the good work.

Mystere2 said...

Thanks so much for the early San Francisco area music. Those are treasures most have never heard. Your scholarship on tunes is also enlightening.

Bob W. said...

I really appreciate your posts of early SF bands. I lived through those days, and it is great to re-live that time period through your posts.

As far as music samples go, I don't need them. If a band interests me, I download the whole show. I sample most tracks for a few seconds to see if it's worth my time listening to the whole thing. One song doesn't do it for me. How does one pick a representative sample? Pretty hard in many cases.

Bob W.

Anonymous said...

An amazing selection of San Francisco sounds recently. Keep it up! Zippyshare seems to work fine for me. Thanks, Terry

binkerbo said...

I don't have a lot of blogs bookmarked. This IS one of the few. Your choices in posts are some of the most interesting on the net. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of posting that "Quicksilver" album that has 24 hour deja vu. I used to own it but it was stolen some years ago

Anonymous said...

For me zippy works great. It downloads fast and allows for multiple downloads. Also Zippy doesn't tell you that you have to wait an hour between downloads like some of these upstarts. Mega on the other hand I have given up on almost entirely. It doesn't get along with Firefox so I have to switch to IE or Chrome. Then when it still doesn't work I dump my cache and try again. Then it usually still won't work. So maybe it's just me but I'll vote for Zippy.
As to the sample player, I rarely use them. Maybe to check the quality of the recording but if it's something I collect like QMS or Moby Grape I'm gonna get it anyway if it's something I don't have. Besides I read your descriptions and you usually tell us if it's poor quality.
As for your artwork, I've always enjoyed it very much and it is something that makes your site unique. I do like when it is included in the download and I don't have to come search it out if I don't open the folder right away. I save your write ups too and include it in the folder. Didn't we all grow up reading the liner notes as we listened?
OK- that was my 2 cents. Or maybe 4 cents.
Keep up the good work and never feel pressured to deliver the goods. Take your time. This type of music doesn't grow on trees.

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Bob W. has to say.....some of the bands I know well and others I don't - a sample rarely (if ever) lures me into a download......half the time it's a mere description of the band or music & I'm hooked (besides - if you download it and end-up not liking it......what harm did it cost?).....thanks again for everything!! - gmb

Nihil said...

Hello 24HR,
Present download links are OK to me, Zippy is fast and convenient enough.
Keep on posting, please. Although comments are always too scarce, and I for one am to blame, your blog has become sort of a reference address for West Coast music lovers.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

The feedback is fantastic. makes you want to dig in more and I appreciate all the comments and suggestions.

Bob W. said...

I agree with what others have said about;
zippyshare (quickest and easiest downloads),
artwork (some bootlegs have dreadful art, it's always great when you create much better graphics to go with the music),
notes - I also save the notes, and they end up as liner notes if I burn the show to CD.

Thank you for all you do, it is deeply appreciated (especially the art & notes).

Bob W.

Alan said...

I agree with a lot of the recent comments. Zippy share is by far the easiest way for me to link to your files. It's fast and has almost no pop-ups. Also, your recent post "High Times in SF" is a GREAT compilation. Thanks so much for that one and for all of the other music you share!

john said...

Like many music is the most important food for my brain. I've spent much lunch money on records I just had to have. Now because of the internet I have almost too much music not enough time. Many blogs have a great selections of music, but for variety and quality yours is the best. My life would be less if I couldn't visit you regularly. I never get tired of listening to Moby Grape Yardbirds Love Byrds albums. Finally those compilations are great. Kaleidescope "Oh Death" what can be said. Thanks for keeping on. All the best . I'll put up with the downloading but I like zippy .

. said...

Been dropping by for years - you're one of the stayers, like chrisgoesrock. I get music here I never see anywhere else, and I always enjoy your writing and cover images. Thanks as ever for all your work - all for the love of the best music.

I never listen to samples. Zippy is one of the better ones, never any trouble - have you tried solidfiles?

E Craig said...

I have only started exploring your Blog. I think it's great. I have never had any problems with Zippy either.

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