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The story of a rumored but fictional LP
For years and years people have talked about and have questioned the possibility of an LP by the original lineup of the band Love called Gethsemane. This LP was to supposedly said to be the fourth Love LP ,following the masterpiece Forever Changes. There are no true facts about this project. I believe that if there was a possibility the record industry would have tried to capitalized on it by now.  It was stated by Bryan Maclean in an interview that it was BS unless it was conceived after his departure from the band. Arthur himself would make no comments about it either confirming or denying its possibility. On the other hand Love guitarist Johnny Echols contends it was indeed a fact and there was material  for it in the works when the band broke up and everyone went their separate ways. Arthur would of course reform his band  and put out the fourth album as Four Sail. Listening to the material on that lp makes you wonder if just maybe there could be some thread of truth seeing how the songs are indeed very closely similar to the previous lp material  There is no Gethsemane. I have taken the liberty of putting together a comp by the band only to show that Arthur and Bryan were creative wonders but when the band shattered it slowly caused their creativeness to suffer. Bryan's later work(demos) showed some creative flashes but truly in OMO (one man's opinion) he needed the band to gel. The same could be said for Arthur's material as time went by. His words and music were no where near what the chemistry of the original Love gave him. They are both gone now so we will never really know. Johnny Echols speaks of working on that very named LP today but you have to wonder how much of it can match what might have been. Maybe Johnny can give us all hope for it's reality!

The above artwork is from Burt Shonburg who created the cover for the Out Here lp

01  laughing stock
02  your mind and we belong to each other
03  number 14
04  wonder people (i do wonder)

These four songs are non-lp songs. It is speculated that  the first two were actually to be  on the supposed fourth lp by the original lineup. Number 3 is from earlier love recording sessions and was indeed the 'Bside for 7 and 7 is. The 4th tune is an actual outtake from the Forever Changes sessions

05  barber john
06  love will be here

These two are Bryan Maclean demos with Number 6 being considered for FC being nixed by Bryan himself

07  i'm with you
08  robert montgomery
09  nothing
10  always see your face
11  your friend and mine - neil's song
Five songs from the Four Sail lineup. All have the feel of possibly been chosen for the mythical lp. Imagine what the original lineup might have have done (nothing against the good work the new lineup did) with these songs

12  listen to my song
13  willow willow
14  gather round

From the Out Here Lp with once again qualities that might have been especially track 14  Arthurs lyrics always were a strong point for the times

15  you're the prettiest song
16  five string serenade

Two from the Arthur Lee Five String lp of 1992 with a little bit of the old spirit of Lee's songwriting intact



kobilica said...

Never heard about this before.Some kind of lost treasure?

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Kobilica.... this album never was real, only speculation by many people based on hear say. Many people still believe this may still show up from that lost treasure status but I really do not believe it myself.

john said...

I'm sorry Arthur and Bryan didn't work together longer, but what they gave us will be remembered. Also I'm glad Arthur fought his demons long enough to see himself appreciated before he died. Thanks for the music.

Anonymous said...

Just read the Johnny Echols interview in Ugly Things from a few years back that seems to imply that he was working on it. Anyway, thanks for this, especially the tracks from singles.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Hopefully I got the links working Sorry gang

Norm said...

Work fine, thanks for putting this together

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